About Us

We cannot thank you all enough for allowing us to do what we are passionate about.  We are humbled with each and every visit, like, comment, purchase, share, etc.

It's crazy what the birth of a child can do to your perspective.  After we had our daughter we made the decision that we wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.  At that moment we didn't know that the decision would lead us to creating our first company, 937 Designs.  For awhile we were simply making a few pieces for local customers.  Some positive local feedback led us to opening up our Etsy shop and we haven't looked back since.

After 3+ years of selling on Etsy we've decided to take the jump and create our own online marketplace as well as open a brick and mortar store in our home town of, Anna, Ohio.  We are beyond excited to have 100% creative control with our website and hopefully we can share some of our happiness with you too.  Thanks for stopping by!

Gretchen + Logan